Advertising and Television Violence: Answers to Questions Part II

A lot of people criticize violence that are usually depicted in television programs and other forms of media (Goodman 169). However, they do not realize how easy it is to avoid it. They usually forget about responsible parenting and just react to the authorities about this problem without realizing that they can just change the channels through their remote control (Goodman 169). Some people also put their blame to violent video games and movies. A study tried to emphasize the fact that it desensitizes people from helping others (Swanbrow 166). Again, this could be easily avoided through a matter of choice. People can just elect to play a non-violent video game and just watch non-aggressive movies. Regardless of their reasons, it seems like censorship has only made these forms of media as scapegoats instead of people taking responsibility for themselves and their sons and daughters (Goodman 168). This essay would attempt to explore the connection of television programming and censorship through current implementations and the dilemma of taking it upon oneself to rectify what they are supposed to watch.

The current airwaves are being controlled by censor groups which aims to balance and filter out violence and other distasteful content in current media, especially in television programs. In the end, however, it would be up to the viewers to decide on censorship. It is actually easy for them to just switch channels to safeguard their child or to avoid violent programs for their own good. Due to the nature of people to watch what they want, any kind of censorship from any groups would actually be in vain. Individuals could just search for their violent movies online. They could just download aggressive video games in the internet and then play it. Violent programs would surely survive. People who continuously criticize violence in shows should adapt a mentality that would allow them to take care of themselves. It would be best if they censor their own television watching habits.